All That Jazz – Fran’s review

It’s the end of the week, and our first foray into the tree of music is over. Before we climb onto the next euphonious branch, we share our thoughts on this week’s jazz album, Louis Armstrong Plays W. C Handy by Louis Armstrong and His All Stars.

I went through a jazz phase several years ago so I have some familiarity with the genre. However my teenage jazz playlist consisted entirely of compilation CDs and Jamie Cullum, so it was lovely to listen to a whole album by a heavyweight like Louis Armstrong. Jazz music creates a brilliant atmosphere, and the only problem I had when listening to this album was my tendency to allow the music to slide into the background; but a very pleasant background nonetheless!

There were some tracks on the album however, that wouldn’t fade to the background. I loved the anecdotal style of Long Gone (From Bowlin’ Green), and paying attention to the songs was definitely worth the effort. Louis Armstrong’s vocals have a charming tone; he sings as if he is always about to break out in those deliciously infectious chuckles that feature on some of the tracks. I enjoyed listening to something different this week, and am looking forward to next week’s album.


What did you think Dave?

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One Response to All That Jazz – Fran’s review

  1. Dave says:

    I see we both mentioned his chuckles! I also found it to be a background record – I even fell asleep a few times. ‘Long Gone’ is a marmite track for me: sometimes I like it’s fun tone and others I find it cheesy and irritating.

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