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The Man In Black

Inspired by the country songs he heard on the radio, gospel music, his mother’s folk songs and the work songs of the cotton fields, Johnny Cash began writing songs as a boy. Shortly after leaving school, he enrolled in the … Continue reading

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Take a train to the Country

Another week, another album, and this week we will be exploring Country music. Continuing our John Lennon Introduces mini-series, we will set the scene for this week’s Country artist with some wise words from the late, great, quote machine: “Before … Continue reading

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Top Pop! – Fran’s Review

I don’t know why the producer of Cliff by Cliff Richard and the Drifters chose to record the album in front of an audience of several hundred screaming girls. Their piercing shrieks permeate the record (it certainly doesn’t take much … Continue reading

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Pop Idol – Dave’s Review

This record certainly has energy. Cliff opens with the sound of hundreds of teenage girls screaming. They were invited to the recording studio and, as a result, can be heard all the way through the record. Every time Cliff reaches … Continue reading

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Oh, Boy!

This week’s teen sensation Cliff Richard (who, incidentally, is still sexy at 70!*) was completely unknown when he was selected by TV producer Jack Good to be a resident artist on his new music programme. Good had previously produced the … Continue reading

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I wanted to show the genres of music that existed in Britain before the onset of Beat Music, which we will be looking at in a couple of weeks.┬áThe charts started in Britain in 1956, two years after we began … Continue reading

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Perfectly Pop

Monday has dawned, musical explorers, and it is time to move our adventure up the ´╗┐Music Tree to a new genre. So join us this week, as we investigate the aural delights of Pop music. But what are we listening … Continue reading

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