Pop Idol – Dave’s Review

This record certainly has energy.

Cliff opens with the sound of hundreds of teenage girls screaming. They were invited to the recording studio and, as a result, can be heard all the way through the record. Every time Cliff reaches the end of a chorus, the shrieking returns. With his huge quiff, raised lip and crazy dance moves, it’s easy to see why.

A blatant Elvis impersonation, the record is full of rock ‘n’ roll songs about girls and dancing. There is a nice mixture of pace, from the speedy rockin’ of Ready Teddy to the slow ballads Donna and Danny. With its dirty, driving guitar, Move It stands out as a song with real menace. The Drifters (later renamed the Shadows), have a few songs to themselves, Jet Black a highlight.

Cliff is a solid debut album. Richard sings with a confidence superior to his youthful age and the backing band play well. The live recording style and the hundreds of screaming teenage girls add to the excitement and energy of the music.


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One Response to Pop Idol – Dave’s Review

  1. Fran says:

    “Dirty, driving guitar” – good call. I really liked Jet Black too… what’s going on?

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