Country Music Today

Until now, most of the genres we have looked at during our musical adventure have been music of an era. They have all influenced plenty of the music that followed them, but they have past their peak popularity. Country music on the other hand, remains very popular today.

Over the years Country music has changed slightly, and is now more of an umbrella term for a range of genres that identify as ‘country’. One of the most recent developments in Country music is an increase in Country-Pop crossover artists like Taylor Swift, who top both the Country charts and the general music charts (although Kanye West doesn’t always approve!).

It is hard to say why Country music has enjoyed such long-lived popularity. Perhaps it’s simplicity lends it a timeless appeal, or it could be the focus on story-telling in Country songs that has proved popular across generations. Country music is still most prevalent in the USA, it’s country of origin, and I would hazard a guess that this is part of it’s appeal for Americans. Country music is American music, and with it’s semi-compulsory cowboy hats and wholesome image it has a nostalgic style that is reminiscent of simpler times.

CMA music festival

A musician performs at the Country Music Association (CMA) Music Festival in Nashville, Tennessee

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