Off the Beatle Track – Fran’s Review

Please Please Me is not my favourite Beatles album. It was rushed out to capitalise on the success of the Please Please Me single, and the songwriting dream team of Paul McCartney and John Lennon was not yet in full force (there are a fair few covers on the album). However, this was the record that launched Beatlemania, and it has had an enormous effect on popular music ever since.

The quantity of love songs on Please Please Me is a little excessive, but they are varied in style and of acceptable quality for this to be overlooked. The backing vocals and harmonies on this record are good, and the effects used to enrichen the sound of the album are an indication of the Beatles’ musical experimentation to come.

One thing that Dave and I tend to disagree over in our reviews is slow songs. The Beatles show the crooners we have covered in the past how it’s done with their slow (but not boring!) Anna (Go to Him), and the slightly soppy but not sleep-inducing Ask Me Why. I love the punchy blasts of guitar peppered throughout the title track, Please Please Me, and I found the album as a whole very enjoyable. After much deliberation:


*BONUS FACT: Please Please Me was nearly called Off the Beatle Track.
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One Response to Off the Beatle Track – Fran’s Review

  1. Dave says:

    Anna (Go To Him) and Ask Me Why are the worst two songs on the album. Vomit inducing rather than sleep-inducing.

    ‘I love you, woo woo woo woo’ sounds like something a five year old would sing.

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