On The Beat – Dave’s Review

The Beatles’ debut album Please Please Me has an endearing innocence. The singles Love Me Do and the title track are great pop songs and I Saw Her Standing There is a catchy rock ‘n’ roll tune that opens the album with a bang.

The record is made up of short, sweet, simple pop songs about love and girls. My favourite song, however, is Boys. Ringo sings this Shirelles cover better than the original – not bad considering he is the drummer!

The album was a rushed release to build quickly on the success of the singles – it was recorded in under ten hours. As a result, the record is padded with seven covers to take it up to fourteen songs, which was the usual length of records at the time. These covers recognise the soul and rock ‘n’ roll influences on the band’s early sound, with another Shirelles cover Baby It’s You a particular highlight.

In contrast to the singles, the album tracks written by the Lennon/McCartney duo fail to deliver. Songs like Ask Me Why and P.S. I Love You are just too cute and lack the catchiness of Love Me Do. The record closes with an energetic version of Twist And Shout, with Lennon’s screams showing the strain of a day’s singing to great effect.


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One Response to On The Beat – Dave’s Review

  1. Fran says:

    That is a good video. They look so young!

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