Cool As Rock – Dave’s Review

The Rolling Stones’ self-titled debut is an excellent album. It blends the passion of blues, the rhythms of rock ‘n’ roll and the spunk of rock to create a very cool sound.

Mona (I Need You Baby) is a scream for sex. It’s pounding beat demanding that Jagger gets it. The caveman-like shouts of ‘Hey Mona, Oh Mona’ are fantastic. The following instrumental track Now I’ve Got A Witness provides a delightful rest after this testosterone-fuelled roar.

I Just Want To Make Love To You is played much faster than the original giving the song a sense of urgency, particularly midway through the song when the guitars and wild trumpets join Jagger’s yearns.

The record is well balanced, with a mixture of pace and styles but a recognisable overall feel. The lyrical themes of lust and desire run throughout. Although the songs are short, they take their time and the band have a confident swagger. This is evident in the cheeky guitar bending of I’m A King Bee and Jagger’s unique singing style.

The best album so far.


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