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Good Times Bad Times – Dave’s Review

In the context of our musical adventure, Led Zeppelin’s debut album is like nothing we’ve heard before. This is real rock. It is loud, brash and banging. The record opens with Good Times Bad Times, which showcases the talents of … Continue reading

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Went down like a lead balloon – Fran’s Review

I quite like the opening to Led Zeppelin’s eponymous debut album. Good Times Bad Times is a confident song, with its punchy guitar and self-assured vocals; the lyrics don’t make any sense, but it has a certain charm. Unfortunately this … Continue reading

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John Bonham

Bonham took a little persuading to join Led Zeppelin. Robert Plant sent eight telegrams and manager Peter Grant sent forty more to Bonham’s pub “Three Men In A Boat” to convince him. The Walsall pub, which I passed every day … Continue reading

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It’s about to get heavy

The Velvet Underground is a tough act to follow, but today is Monday, so it’s time to explore a new genre. This week we are listening to Heavy Metal, and attempting to top last week’s outstanding performance are Led Zeppelin, … Continue reading

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Velvety Delight – Dave’s Review

A delicate celesta opens┬áThe Velvet Underground & Nico with dreamy lullaby Sunday Morning, surely one of the greatest track ones of all time. I’m Waiting For The Man follows with a little guitar riff playing over a repeated drum-piano beat. … Continue reading

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Masterpiece of Art Rock – Fran’s Review

The sleepy opening track, Sunday Morning, eases the listener gently into The Velvet Underground and Nico by the Velvet Underground and Nico. The themes of the album seem slightly out of sync with this peaceful beginning, but then the peaceful … Continue reading

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What is Art Rock?

When Dave put together the Music Tree I imagine he had a tough time deciding which genres to include. As we’ve noticed, defining a music genre is a somewhat subjective enterprise; there are some commonly discussed genres over which you … Continue reading

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