Music of the people

Strictly speaking, this week’s genre has been around for about as long as there has been music. Folk music traditionally refers to the unwritten tunes of the working and peasant classes, passed on through word of mouth and often of unknown origin. In the mid-20th century folk music underwent a revival in Britain and America, and a new generation of artists began to write new material. These artists drew heavily on the melodies, instuments and style of traditional Folk songs, and injected elements of modern genres like Blues and Rock ‘n’ Roll. Bob Dylan was a prominant figure in the Folk revival, and we will be listening to his 1966 album Blonde on Blonde all week.

Bob Dylan - Blonde on Blonde

Bob Dylan - Blonde on Blonde

Each week Fran and Dave explore a new genre from the Music Tree by choosing an album to represent it. We write about the genre or artist during the week, and post our reviews on Sunday. Want to join the musical adventure? Listen along with our Spotify playlist, and subscribe by clicking the link in the sidebar to get an email every time there’s a new post.
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