Folk has a home

One thing I really like about folk music, especially traditional folk music, is the relationship is has with its culture. The music is identifiable with its people, and playing folk music is kind of a way of showing pride in where you come from. And I like that.

The Corrs playing traditional Irish song Toss The Feathers.

Here is a wacky video from one of my favourite Anglo-Ukrainian bands, The Ukrainians. They are a band I saw at a mini-festival in Brighton last summer and was blown away with their mix of Ukrainian folk and alternative rock. You could tell they really enjoyed playing live and I had a great time too. With their dress, instruments, and in this video food, they are clearly very proud of their Ukrainian roots, despite being English.

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One Response to Folk has a home

  1. Fran says:

    Dave, I think our next gathering should be Ukranian themed: drinking shots from peppers and keeping sausages in vodka bottles!

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