Seriously stoned – Fran’s Review

Yes, yes, our reviews are late! I plead job interviews and Dave pleads… erm… Dave, what’s your excuse? With this in mind, this week’s effort shall be a mini-review:

Bob Dylan may be known as a Folk musician, but Blonde on Blonde has a distinctly Blues feel. From the boisterous brass beginnings to the lengthy ending track, Dylan’s drugged-up drawl is at once soothing and irritating. It’s often hard to hear beyond these vocal mannerisms to find out whether he says anything interesting, but the sombre metaphor-laden snippets I caught seemed pleasingly vague.

On Blonde on Blonde, covers a few different styles, each given the distinctive Dylan sound. Both slow tracks and catchier tunes are done quite well, and the album is listenable (as long as you don’t want to know what he’s singing about!). Nothing about Blonde on Blonde really stands out except Dylan’s unique style, which I remain unsure about, but it has some pleasant moments and a self-important air of mystery.


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