Album Art

This week we are listening to Art Rock, a genre in which creativity and expressionism are key. But the music is not the only art form on an album. Whether released on vinyl, casette, CD or digitally, all albums come with some form of album art. What image bands choose to put on the front of their product can say a lot about them and the music. Some album covers have become iconic, some are even parodied by other artists.

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The slideshow shows some covers that I like, which tend to be bold and colourful. I’ve taken a few from this article by smashing magazine, which also mentions the first record cover ever. If you disagree with my choices, then perhaps you’ll enjoy these.

Album art can be just as important as the music and is another outlet for an artist to express themselves. The Smiths used photos of film and pop stars for their covers, often looking at the camera and with a duotone effect. I really like the minimalist style of Peter Saville, who was the artist for many bands on Factory Records, such as New Order and Joy Division.

I tend to think the best albums have the best covers. Maybe it’s because I am being stimulated both aurally and visually that I like them more. Maybe artists the artists that care more about their artwork care more about their music and make better albums as a result. Either way, my CD collection looks good.

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One Response to Album Art

  1. Fran says:

    I quite like the 16th worst album cover…

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