A Look Back At The Sixties

We have reached a pivotal point on our musical adventure, as we move from the 1960’s to the 1970’s. I thought this would be a nice opportunity to look back at the albums we have been listening to in recent weeks.

Johnny Cash kicked off the decade for us with his country album Ride This Train. A concept album, we joined Cash on his own adventure across America. We both enjoyed the album, although the short introductions that came before each song were not to Fran’s taste.

You cannot mention music in the sixties without mentioning The Beatles. Their debut Please Please Me introduced us to beat music. Fran loved the album, giving it five stars. I really liked it too, especially Ringo singing Boys.

The Rolling Stones‘ self-titled debut was next on our playlist. Their dirty, sexy blues rock contrasting with the sweet, innocent sounds of the Beatles. This clearly impressed Fran and I, us both giving the album positive reviews.

Where Did Our Love Go by the Supremes was a delight and I loved the Motown Sound. Baby Love and the title track are some of the best songs we have heard so far. Fran couldn’t seem to get into the album but appreciated the beautiful singing.

My favourite album of the sixties was Pet Sounds by the Beach Boys, representing psychedelia on the Music Tree. The direct, personal lyrics and innovative music brilliantly convey Wilson’s feelings at the time. Fran also loved the album, spotting a Christmassy feel and a sense of wistfulness in the record.

Bob Dylan’s folk album Blonde on Blonde came next on our sixties adventure. We both found this one difficult to take in, with overly poetic lyrics and drunken singing style. The album grew on me as the week went on.

Art Rock hit us with The Velvet Underground & Nico. Fran and I both loved this album, right down to its cover. It’s seedy lyrics, peaceful opening and experimental music was a real pleasure to listen to.

Led Zeppelin played us out with yet another self-titled debut album.  With a heavier sound and longer songs, this heavy metal record caused a divide of opinion between Fran and I: I thought it was a great rock album; Fran felt it dragged on too much.

I’ve really enjoyed the adventure so far, learning more about music and discovering amazing songs and albums. I wonder if we will spot any influences the sixties had on the music of the seventies.

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3 Responses to A Look Back At The Sixties

  1. Fran says:

    Fran thought this summary of the sixties was a really good way to remind her of what she’s been listening to and how it links together. Fran thought it was a bit mean of you to bring up her five star rating of Please Please Me though, especially as you know she wishes she had given it less.

  2. Albert E. C. says:

    As a “child of the sixties” – growing teenager. I remember a certain group making the “big time”, I believe they came from Liverpool and performed at a place called The Cavern. Now, who were they!!??. The Beatles, seems to wring a bell. Where are they now?. Did they have any success?
    Being a “Southerner” and “proud of it”, my musical tendancies leaned towards a duo by the name of Jet Harris and Tony Meehan, then The Shadows and some fella called Cliff Richard. Again, the question(s) are the same. Sadly, the former are no longer “with us”. Legends now departed. However, the latter are still around – fairly recently celebrated anniversaries, confirming this.
    In the words of a certain female Welsh lady, of the time, “those were/still are the days.
    Sounds not to be fogotten eh!!.

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