Something’s going on

Valentine’s day is just a week away, so what better way for a hopeless romantic to prepare than with a week of searing Soul? Well being the ruthless cynic I am, I wouldn’t know, but either way Soul is next up on the Music Tree, and will be our soundtrack to the week. Representing Soul in our Musical Adventure is Marvin Gaye with What’s Going On.

What’s Going On was released in 1971 by a subsidiary record company of Motown Records. It is a highly personal and political album, which was very unusual for Motown artists at the time. What’s Going On was extremely successful upon release, selling over 2 million copies and gaining critical acclaim. This record has remained popular ever since, regularly appearing on ‘best album of all time’ lists. Happy listening!

Marvin Gaye - What's Going On

Marvin Gaye - What's Going On

Each week Fran and Dave explore a new genre from the Music Tree by choosing an album to represent it. We write about the genre or artist during the week, and post our reviews on Sunday. Want to join the musical adventure? Listen along with our Spotify playlist, and subscribe by clicking the link in the sidebar to get an email every time there’s a new post.
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