Power Rating: Very Good – Dave’s Review

This week’s album has been #1 Record by Big Star, representing the genre of Power Pop.

I’ve read that the album has been highly influential on many bands that followed, such as R.E.M., and I can see that influence in songs like In The Street. In fact, the album does sound a lot like music I would normally listen to (mainly alternative rock). There is a light pop rock sound, with harmonic vocals and a pleasant mixture of swaggering electric guitar, as on the opener Feel, and softer, acoustic ballads, such as The Ballad of El Goodo and Try Again. The influence of the Beatles can be heard on the delightfully simple Thirteen. There are plenty of catchy songs and I often find myself tapping my toes along to the music – When My Baby’s Beside Me being a great example. The pace of the album decreases on side two, with a sadder, more reflective mood and the acoustic guitar takes over. The moving Give Me Another Chance is a particular highlight. Watch The Sunrise is a nice ending to the record, that I imagine would be great around a campfire, but instead the record closes with ST 100/6, in my opinion the one bad song on an otherwise flawless album.


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One Response to Power Rating: Very Good – Dave’s Review

  1. Fran says:

    Yep, we seem to be pretty much in agreement on this one!

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