A Gold Star for Big Star – Fran’s Review

#1 Record by Big Star, despite the far-reaching title, is an unpretentious album. It’s upbeat pop songs are interspersed with more relaxed fare, to make a great pop record. Listening to Big Star is an undemanding, but pleasant experience.

On this album, the slow songs are the best. From anthem of teenagehood Thirteen to the serene Watch the Sunrise, these songs are about simple themes that resonate with everyone. I particularly enjoyed The India Song, perhaps because the idea of arming myself with a stack of books and disappearing abroad is so appealing!

Unlike many of the albums we have featured in our Musical Adventure, #1 Record does not have the feel of an ambitious concept album, or a ground breaking act. However, there is a reason that it has been cited as an influential album by so many big artists; #1 Record is great Power Pop and a lovely listen.


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One Response to A Gold Star for Big Star – Fran’s Review

  1. Dave says:

    Totally agree. I even like the songs you’ve picked out! For some silly reason I can’t see how many stars you’ve given it on this computer, but I expect it’s four or five.

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