What are you wearing?

Apparently this is the moment Glam Rock began, with T.Rex singing Hot Love on Top of the Pops back in 1971. That shiny all-in-one really grabs your attention. Glam Rock is all about style, fashion, the aesthetic. How you look is just as important, if not more important, than how you sound. German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche proposed that the only way for life to make sense is if viewed as art. Glam Rock lives this idea, using the music, the performance and the fashion as outlets for expression. David Bowie, this week’s featured artist, was another early innovator of Glam Rock. With his unusual clothes and make-up, he blurred the divide between the genders.

Musically, the genre draws from a range of influences and as a result is quite varied. Bowie and T.Rex began in folk; Slade had a harder, more rockier sound. Roxy Music were an art rock band with a sense of style – their early albums all featured glamourous models on the cover. Glam bands were hugely successful in the early and mid 1970’s, with chart and critical success. Other artists, such as Elton John and Queen, adopted Glam into their styles. Despite decline during the punk movement of the late 1970’s, Glam Rock had a major influence on the New Wave bands of the 1980’s, especially New Romantic bands such as Culture Club and Spandau Ballet.

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