Full Moon – Fran’s Review

Pink Floyd’s The Dark Side of the Moon is fabulous. From start to finish the album is packed with interesting ideas, and the well thought-out transitions from piece to piece give it perfect flow. The array of sounds that accompany the music, from manic laughter to cash registers, complement the album’s themes and add a new dimension to the sound. By using the noises of everyday life alongside their ethereal music, Pink Floyd bluntly point out the subject matter of the album in a way that brings it to life. This is a beautiful, thoughtful album that is well worth listening to properly.

I won’t talk about any individual tracks on The Dark Side of the Moon for two reasons. The album moves so seamlessly from track to track that I often didn’t notice the change. Although the tracks still have a distinctive style of their own within the overall sound of the album, I couldn’t talk about them individually if I tried! Secondly, the album is such a well-integrated piece that to take them out of their context on the album would strip them of some of their worth (pretension alarm!) Congratulations Pink Floyd for pulling off the concept of the concept album so completely.


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