Piano Pop of the 1970’s

I was going to write a list of my Top Five 70’s Pop songs. But as I was compiling this incredibly difficult list, I spotted a trend. I saw something that I doubt I would see in similar lists of other decades. I saw a piano.

It seems the piano played an important role in 70’s Pop, compared to the mainly synth and drum machine based tunes of today. The piano is a hugely adaptable instrument, allowing the player to create a variety of sounds, melodies and emotions. Highly adaptable, it has been used across almost all genres of music, including classical, pop, jazz, rock, soul and house.

As a tribute to the piano in 70’s Pop, here’s a list of my Top Five 70’s Piano Songs:

1. After The Gold Rush by Neil Young, 1970

2. Dancing Queen by ABBA, 1976

3. Imagine by John Lennon, 1971

4. Wuthering Heights by Kate Bush, 1978

5. Perfect Day by Lou Reed, 1972

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