Dum Dum Diddle Yawn – Fran’s Review

There are a few pop gems on ABBA’s 1976 album Arrival, but apart from the hit singles there is not much else for a Dancing Queen to boogie on down to. Money Money Money creates a marvelously ominous atmosphere with its low vocals and driven pace, and That’s Me has a lovely perky introduction, but even these songs are repetitive towards the end. The lyrics on Arrival deal with simple themes and tend to slip into easy clichés, but this lyrical simplicity is accessible and unpretentious.

ABBA are very reluctant to finish a line without drawing the last note out as long as possible. This vocal style permeates the record, and while it works well on some songs it is tiresome on more mediocre material. Several tracks have a bit of a plodding feel; the boring Why Did It Have To Be Me is the biggest culprit.

However this album is harmless, with some nice harmonies and dynamic backing tracks.


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