How about a B&B in Devon instead? – Fran’s Review

Musical Adventurers, this is our 100th post, and in honour of this momentous occasion I will review this week’s album, Hotel California by the Eagles, in just 100 words; there’s a brilliant excuse for a brief review! 100 words exactly:

This is an easy album to listen to in the background. With its soft vocals, gentle piano and strings the album’s soothing sound contrasts with the dystopian society described in the lyrics. The vices of America are much mentioned, but as pertinent as some of the issues are, I find it hard to relate to this demoralised account of everyday life. Life in the Fast Lane stands out from the more subdued tracks, providing some much needed punch, and I enjoyed the distinctive sound of Hotel California. Much like the lives it describes, this record is just a bit dull.


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One Response to How about a B&B in Devon instead? – Fran’s Review

  1. Dave says:

    That last word sums the record up perfectly. Dull. If you just want something to cover the sound of the busy road outside, then this is ok. But, compared to some of the fantastic records we have listened to so far, records that raised the bar of what music can be, this falls way short. I don’t know how New Kid In Town won a grammy.

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