Time for some smooth moves

This week’s album should prove to be a controversial compilation. Controversial by merit of being a compilation album of course, which some would say is not in the pure spirit of this Musical Adventure… In fact, to add flames to the fire this album is also a Film Soundtrack! And I’m sure you all remember how much trouble that genre caused last time we encountered it. What, you don’t remember? It was this much trouble; and this too. Dave and I nearly had a serious falling out over the matter.

Anyway, I’m sure you’re wondering what this ever so controversial Film Soundtrack/compilation is. This is Disco week, therefore we are listening to none other than the Saturday Night Fever Soundtrack. Complete with funky dance moves and everything. Enjoy!

Saturday Night Fever Soundtrack

Saturday Night Fever Soundtrack

Each week Fran and Dave explore a new genre from the Music Tree by choosing an album to represent it. We write about the genre or artist during the week, and post our reviews on Sunday (or thereabouts!). Want to join the musical adventure? Listen along with our Spotify playlist, and subscribe by clicking the link in the sidebar to get an email every time there’s a new post.
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