Saturday Night Fever (followed by a niggling headache and a certain weariness) – Fran’s Review

The Saturday Night Fever Soundtrack immediately sets a funky mood with the buoyant Stayin’ Alive. The rest of the record showcases the Disco tunes known inside out by anyone who has ever attended a school disco or cheesy wedding. It is full of strings and brass, even the odd jazz flute, making it easy to spot the Jazz influence cited on the Music Tree.

The album is almost relentlessly upbeat, which is how I feel about a lot of Disco music. These songs are fine for the dance floor (although even in that case, they should be cut by about half to avoid the repetition) but it is rare that I would choose to listen to quite so much perky fluff at once. It would have been nice to see the Saturday Night Fever film this week to get an idea of how the soundtrack works as intended, I was not willing to shell out the £7 they were charging in HMV, so it wasn’t to be.

The lyrics on Saturday Night Fever are fairly undemanding (like the music), but there are a few backing tracks that I particularly enjoyed, including the base-led Jive Talkin’. The Disco reworking of classical pieces was pretty amusing (Night on Disco Mountain, A Fifth of Beethoven), but I am not sure why it was necessary to include two separate versions of More Than A Woman, which is not a good song at all.

This album is ideal for your next family-friendly bash, if  you want undemanding romantic hyperbole set to a boogie beat.


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