Kraut-what? – Fran’s Review

Previously, if I wanted to listen to 80s video game music I would dust off the old Sega Master System II and play a little Alex Kidd. Since listening to this week’s album, The Man-Machine by Kraftwerk, that is no longer necessary. Spacelab and Neon Lights are the album’s primary candidates for the video game market, but the rest of The Man-Machine is not too far behind.

On The Man-Machine Kraftwerk have introduced some great electronic sounds that have not yet been heard on our musical adventure. The Robots and The Model are tracks with a distinctive atmosphere that showcase the experimental sound well. However the majority of the album is just plain boring (and high pitched!). Metropolis, for example, is essentially six minutes of electronic whine.

I have a feeling Dave will love this album. With it’s ever so minimal beats, sparse lyrics and lengthy tracks, it is just his thing; not to mention the Dävelisch Berlin connection. I cannot say the same.


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One Response to Kraut-what? – Fran’s Review

  1. Andrew says:

    Best. Game. Ever.

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