Naturally Artificial – Dave’s Review

From its striking cover it is clear that Kraftwerk’s 1978 Die Mensch-Maschine is not completely human. The opening song, Die Roboter, takes this idea further. “Wir sind die Roboter” proclaims a futuristic, computerised voice. Pefectly suited to the flat German accent, the simple, direct lyrics and early electronic sounds are the perfect anthem for robots everywhere.

As they did with Morgenspaziergang on Autobahn, Kraftwerk create very natural sounds using completely unnatural devices. Spacelab, with its soothing chords and Air-like vocals and Neonlicht (my favourite song on the record) are great examples. Neonlicht in particular finds beauty in the artificial: a neon light can be as picturesque as a sunset.

Das Modell is a pre-synthpop classic. It’s catchy melody and humourous, yet seriously delivered, lyrics are a hit for any catwalk.


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