Blonde Highlights In Plain Hair – Dave’s Review

It seems common practice for a pop album to concentrate all its efforts into the singles, padding the remainder of the record with mediocre songs. Blondie’s Parallel Lines is no different, with plenty of plain rhythms, unimaginative lyrics and predictable structures.

The lyrics of Just Go Away typify the lack of effort put into the ‘filler’ tracks, sounding childish and immature. “Of course cool rhymes with fool”. A terrible end to the record. The attempted epic Fade Away and Radiate seems out of place – sinister and slow among songs that are generally upbeat and medium paced – showing a lack of cohesion between tracks.

The singles, however, are far better. One Way Or Another is raw and racing and cheery Sunday Girl is delightful. Heart Of Glass stands out from the rest with its dazzling vocals and shimmering synth. If only the whole record were this good!


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