Better Late Than Never – Fran’s Review

And I thought it would be Dave who held up the Blondie reviews! As New Wave week has now lasted for a month it is about time I put my thoughts to paper, and Blondie’s Parallel Lines has had a distinct advantage compared to records of the past. While I have failed miserably to post a review for the past month, I have been diligently listening to the album, so I have had far more time to get to know the tracks.

Parallel Lines has a fabulous sound. From menacing base lines to sullen vocals, the Punk origins of the New Wave sound are clear (although they are not detailed on the Music Tree). This album, like many a Pop record before and since, is largely about love and relationships, but Blondie’s approach to the subject matter is a bit different. From One Way or Another‘s threatening account of obsession to the Sunday Girl pining after a womaniser, this is not a sugary picture of young love.

With Parallel Lines Blondie has created an atmosphere that incorporates some of the best of Punk’s rebellion, and the 70s’ guitar and electronic sounds. I do have one major criticism however: it is very repetitive. Typically of Pop, the tracks stretch very little content out to 3 or 4 minutes, and I would enjoy the album a lot more if I didn’t get bored of every song half way though.


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