Joy Divided – Fran’s Review

We are reviewing Unknown Pleasures  by Joy Division this week (except Dave wrote his review three weeks ago), so I should probably mention that I have never liked Joy Division. Many a time they have been played in various Indie clubs and I have rolled my eyes and waited for it to end. After a week of listening properly to Unknown Pleasures, I feel a little differently; but I would still roll my eyes if I heard Joy Division on a night out.

Disorder is a great start to the album. Upbeat and catchy, I can hear why Joy Division are considered precursors to Indie Rock. Unknown Pleasures has a brilliantly dark atmosphere, arising from the low pitching of the instruments and vocals. However the vocals are the main reason I never took to Joy Division in the past. Even as an accompaniment to moody instrumentation, Ian Curtis’ vocals have a flat quality to them that can dominate the sound; such as on the closing track I remember Nothing, which is boring, and far to long.

Unknown Pleasures is an interesting album to listen to if you’d like a little atmosphere, but don’t try to dance to it!


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