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Not Quite Bronze – Dave’s Review

This fortnight I have been listening to The Number Of The Beast by Iron Maiden. Fran has always said I like slow music and this is a generally fast-paced album. The guitar solos especially seem to be showing off the … Continue reading

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Welcome To Hell

It all gets heavy this week as we go mental for Metal. After the decline of Heavy Metal bands such as Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple and Black Sabbath, the late 70’s/early 80’s saw a revival. The New Wave Of British … Continue reading

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Dare you not to listen – Fran’s Review

With it’s opening drone The Things That Dreams Are Made Of, Dare by the Human League reminded me forcibly of the electro-bore that was Kraftwerk’s Krautrock album. It would be fair to say that following Synthpop fortnight I regard the humble … Continue reading

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Mid-Table – Dave’s Review

I have a feeling Fran may use the word repetitive in her review of synthpop album Dare by The Human League. And she’d be right. Opening track The Things That Dreams Are Made Of is certainly that, repeating the phrase … Continue reading

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Especially Special? – Fran’s Review

I think I have been rating everything too highly lately, so this fortnight I’m not letting the Specials’ eponymous album off too easily. To compare this rating with recent reviews, deduct a star from the past two or three reviews! … Continue reading

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Electric Dreams

While we wait for Fran’s thoughts on 2 Tone, I’m just too excited to delay this week’s genre, synthpop. Adding pop melodies and structure to the earlier, more experimental electronic music, synthpop emerged in the late 1970’s with artists like … Continue reading

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Special Recipe – Dave’s Review

A hot, lazy afternoon on a Jamaican beach; ska classic A Message To You Rudy playing slowly along in the background, cheerily telling the youngsters of today to buck up their ideas. The beat chugging along like a little steam train. … Continue reading

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