Dare you not to listen – Fran’s Review

With it’s opening drone The Things That Dreams Are Made OfDare by the Human League reminded me forcibly of the electro-bore that was Kraftwerk’s Krautrock album. It would be fair to say that following Synthpop fortnight I regard the humble synthesiser as an instrument with malicious intent, determined to unleash it’s displeasing tones upon the world!

It wasn’t all bad; The Sound Of The Crowd is one of the funkier tracks on the album, with some good synth-drum sounds going on, and I Am The Law has intriguing lyrics. Honourable mention should also go to Don’t You Want Me, an eighties classic, but this parting shot was too late to redeem the record.

All in all, I found Dare distinctly lacklustre. It’s strongest quality is an aura of stylishness that manages to squeeze through the synthesisers on a couple of tracks, but that is not enough to carry a whole album.


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One Response to Dare you not to listen – Fran’s Review

  1. Dave says:

    I was sure you’d use the word repetitive for this one.

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