Not Quite Bronze – Dave’s Review

This fortnight I have been listening to The Number Of The Beast by Iron Maiden.

Fran has always said I like slow music and this is a generally fast-paced album. The guitar solos especially seem to be showing off the fact they can play quickly. The chugga-chugga-chugga of the verses is a little boring. The singing style – a mixture of horror movie narrator and just shouting – is hardly beautiful. I’ve never really got into that whole fantasy culture – warhammer and all that – so the lyrics don’t capture my imagination and I think the artwork is rubbish.

Predictably then it’s the slower moments I prefer, like the intro to Children Of The Dammed, which sounds a little medieval, although the song has lost my interest by the chorus. The Prisoner and Run To The Hills have ‘catchy’ (is that the right word?) choruses that you find yourself singing along to. The highlight of the record, however, is The Number Of The Beast, with its well-staggered introduction, thunderous roar at 1:17, and the aforementioned singing style suiting the dark subject of the lyrics perfectly.

This album is alright, and is never awful, but it just doesn’t excite me. Maybe I was listening with the volume too low or something.


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2 Responses to Not Quite Bronze – Dave’s Review

  1. Fran says:

    Teehee! Dave, this review gave me a right giggle! I definitely agree though.

    Fun Fact: the artwork for The Number of the Beast was originally designed for a previous single, but the band thought it was too good to waste on that, and saved it for their next album!

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