Maiden in Distress – Fran’s Review

Iron Maiden’s The Number of the Beast is upbeat; but beyond that it did little to enamour me towards it. The album has plenty of driven rhythms, but the guitar solos are far to frequent for my taste. This style of sound, all wailing guitars, would have been enough for me 10 years ago, but with rebellious teenage years behind me I’d like a little more subtlety to my music, thank-you very much.*

The album is strongly themed in the fantasy genre which, in combination with the unforgiving pace of the riffs gives the impression the album was designed to have a disturbing feel; unfortunately it feels more like pantomime villainy to me, and it is difficult to relate to. Some of the tracks are briefly intriguing, such as the punchy 60 seconds a minute and a half into the final track, Hallowed be Thy Name; Guitar Hero staple Run to the Hills stands out lyrically for its commentary on non-fictional events, but beyond that it is uninspiring.


*Cue peals of laughter from everyone who knows how much I like cheesy Pop-Rock.

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One Response to Maiden in Distress – Fran’s Review

  1. Dave says:

    Two new words for me in this review!

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