2. Peanut Butter Blues & Melancholy Jam

Dave’s Albums of 2011
2. Peanut Butter Blues & Melancholy Jam by Ghostpoet

“Hey, run away, be a real man, and fight another day. I heard that in a TV programme so it must be right. Right. Right? Right.”

I could listen to the intro to Us Against Whatever forever – that simple loop going round a round. So simple, yet so so captivating. “Round and round we go. When’s it gonna stop? I ain’t been paid and I ain’t got a lot. It’s us against whatever, babe.” Like the words, the music is bleak, dark, a little bit scary. Reminiscent of Burial, but with more bounce to it, this is a song that suits the 3am nightbus home.

Like a pyramid, the album peaks in the middle. I Just Don’t Know is a drunken message of a man lost with a smooth electronic bassline and fantastic percussion. “Don’t ask me what my plan is, ’cause I’m not quite sure I planned it. I’m just sitting here drinking, playing ProEvo and thinking.” Survive It is a beautiful look at life. A mission statement of the most humble, sentiment and heart is woven into this song, enhanced by the delicate delivery and female backing vocals:

“Back to the present – it’s a dinner for one with the dimmer lights on. And you’re trying to get atmosphere, like she was here, but she’s long gone.”
“I’ll get through if I just remember that. No no no no no no no, ain’t got a licence to kill like double-O. I just wanna live life and survive it.”
“I so desperately wanna leave this place. In a steamy, hot bath I just hide my face.”
“That’s the plan in the end – get a nice house, a few true friends, a wife I can cry with, laugh and create with, kids so beautiful they’re truly a blessing… And I don’t know much but I know what is right. Don’t want regrets, gonna try my best. But I’m only a man doing what I can. I’ll go forth, with these words in my hand, in my hand.”

I’ve just picked out three songs there, but this is an album that’s got it all: great lyrics with great music, it’s downbeat but dancey at times, serious yet also a bit silly when it needs to be. Musically you can’t put it in one box, with its wonderful blend of hip hop, trip hop, post-dubstep and garage. Lyrically Ghostpoet sets the album very much in the harsh economic times of today, with references to cutbacks and high unemployment, but there is an overriding sense of hope, captured in the closing track Liiiines. with its sweeping guitar and uplifting chorus “Life is too short to store up grudges. Life is too long to make no plans.”


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