Do you think we’re gonna sell out?

This week we are listening to Public Enemy’s It Takes A Nation Of Millions To Hold Us Back. One of the lines that struck me came in the middle of Caught, Can We Get A Witness? where Chuck D asks Flavor Flav is Public Enemy are ever going to sell out. Flavor Flav replies with “No man… no… I know if we do we get the hell out!”.

Well it seems Flavor must have changed his mind. Perhaps those massive clocks that he hangs round his neck have rocketed in price since 1988. Flavor Flav has become a bit of a TV personality in the States, appearing on Celebrity Wife Swap, Comedy Central Roast Of Flavor Flav and Flavor Flav Goes Back To High School. The pinnacle of his TV career must surely be Flavor Of Love, a reality show in which women compete for Flavor’s affection. Here is a clip of Jimmy Carr telling Sean Lock why he loves the show so much. Enjoy!

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One Response to Do you think we’re gonna sell out?

  1. Fran says:

    Nah, it can’t be the clocks, you can get one of them for £2.75

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