The beat didn’t stop – Fran’s Review

For the past two months I have been listening to Beatmasters’ Anywayawanna on the bus to/from work. DO NOT DO THIS. This is not a good sitting down album; it is a dancing album (which on reflection, should have been obvious…) Sure it’s repetitive, and not particularly innovative, but if you’re in the mood for a boogie you could do worse.

From the party-starting Who’s in the House, through the welcome change of tone of Ska Train, right to the final Burn it Up, the Beatmasters’ perky synths and bolshy brass is unrelenting. If you try listening to this on the bus (don’t say I didn’t warn you!) your eardrums will be aching for a ballad by track ten, which thankfully has a brief but bizarre Western-style respite mid-track. But under the right circumstances the sheer variety of perky synths and bolshy brass on Anywayawanna could be just the thing. The basic beat is paired with a pleasing mix of styles throughout the album, showing influences from many branches of the Music Tree. I could even begin to hear the precursors of the music I grew up with in the Nineties.

12 tracks of fast paced 4/4 is a long time to keep going. This might be a dancing album, but I’ll be impressed if you can make it to the end still standing.


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