Wonder Woman – Fran’s Review

Well that was a great start to the New Year! Rhye’s Woman is a beautiful, wistful album that had me hooked from the first verse. Milosh’s soulful layered vocals are the star of the album, and I was very happy to sit back and let them ease me gently into 2014. The expressive lyrics are full of passion and longing, forming a poignant portrait of doomed relationship(s).

Woman has a very relaxed sound throughout, but underneath the calm strings and brass of some of the tracks is enough of a beat for a boogie. 3 Days stands out as one of the bouncier tracks, and is a perfect example of how Milosh’s sensuous voice and the mellow accompaniment can meld together to create something uplifting – despite the lyrical content! Perhaps the only weak point in the album is One of Those Summer Days, which has a very lazy vibe that became quite boring after a while.

The album forms a very cohesive whole, without becoming repetitive. Closing track Woman with its single repeated lyric rounds off the record beautifully, summarising the album’s underlying message in eloquent sighs. Woman is about love as a painful, fleeting, fickle experience, but leaves you feeling that somehow it’s all worth it.

Good choice Dave!


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