Moderatly mellow – Fran’s Review

Moderat II opens with a pretty pointless instrumental, but it quickly makes up for this with the excellent second track Bad Kingdom. With its relaxed upbeat vibe and soaring vocals, Bad Kingdom is a track to groove to.  The rest of the album continues in much the same vein, evoking the atmosphere of a late-night lazy-rave.

If this review is rather short, it’s because the semi-hypnotic rhythms of II blend together easily, lulling you into an electronic daze. It’s definitely a pleasant experience, but there are not many moments that made enough of an impression to write about. Tracks Therapy and Gita provide a bit of a focus point in the middle of the album. Therapy for its faster beat and catchy hook, and Gita with it’s strange vocal ticks (eh!?). The rest of the album is a gentler wind-down from towards the final track Last Time (a bonus track on the deluxe album version), which closes the record nicely with its introspective lyrics, finishing the album on a characteristically chilled-out note.

This is an album I will listen to again, and I’m looking forward to seeing Moderat on Tuesday!


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