Days Are Gone – Dave’s Review

I first saw Haim last summer when they were all over the TV playing many UK festivals such as Reading and Leeds, T in The Park and iTunes. Here is the opening 15 minutes of their Glastonbury set. You can tell they’re excited to be there and appreciate the importance of the historic festival.

I really enjoyed Haim’s energy and enthusiasm as they jump around the stage making bassfaces. Their sound reminds me of the American guitar heroes of the 1960’s, such as Fleetwood Mac and Jimi Hendrix, but with more of a pop element, like an upbeat Magic Numbers (another band of siblings).

The three Haim sisters all have strong personalities on stage. Alana comes across as fun and bubbly while Este more cheeky and silly. The star however is lead singer Danielle, who carries a more serious, rockstar manner and performs with a real passion. Her singing style is quite interesting, containing lots of ticks and jumps, reminiscent of an Elvis Presley impersonator’s ‘uh-huh-huh’.

The band’s debut album, Days Are Gone, starts really well, with several hit singles Falling, Forever and The Wire along with the lovely, laid-back If I Could Change Your Mind. The second half of the album though is less consistent with My Song 5 the low point and the Running If You Call My Name providing a bland finish.

Unfortunately many of the songs fail to portray the passion and energy of the band’s live performances and it feels more of a pop album than a rock one. In particular, Honey and I and Falling don’t seem to carry the same weight behind them. Despite this, the album is still a good listen and it’s hard not to sing along.


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