Something Something Something Darkside – Fran’s review

Initially I was quite unimpressed by Darkside‘s Psychic, but as the fortnight progressed it definitely grew on me. A major factor in its initial failure to please is the incredibly slow start to opener Golden Arrow. This was so frustrating for the first few listens that it took me a long time to appreciate how good the track is when it finally kicks in. However at the half way point of the track the fading bassy synth and static pulsing suddenly gives way to a really nice slow-paced staccato electronic track with very atmospheric echoey vocals.

Throughout the album this pattern continues, with tracks fading in and out, and plenty of pauses. There are a lot of interesting sounds going on though, and the quiet overall tone means the smallest motifs can make a large impact, like the bells towards the end of highlight Freak Go Home.

This is an understated album, but it sounds better each time you listen. After a fortnight of Psychic I can even appreciate the slow build up in Golden Arrow. At least a little.


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One Response to Something Something Something Darkside – Fran’s review

  1. Dave says:

    I felt the same. For a long time, it was a three star album, nothing special, but then I started to really enjoy a couple of the songs and it became a four start, then just at the very end of the fortnight it gained a fifth.

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