Too Many Zeros – Dave’s Review

For the last fortnight we have been listening to Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros self-titled album, released on Rough Trade last summer.

The album has clear influences of the mid-sixties. The whimsical pop of the Beatles and the Kinks can be heard on When You’re Young and If I Were Free, while They Were Wrong is a convincing Johnny Cash impression.

Despite some nice songs scattered throughout the album, such as the opener Better Days, I struggled to really get into it. Let’s Get High is an awful, overly silly song which musically sounds like the theme tune to a cartoon about a dancing frog, whilst the lyrics suggest all the world’s problems can be solved by being marched alongside by a jamboree.

The highlights for me come on the songs featuring the female vocalist, Jade Castrinos. Two is a nice duet and Remember to Remember has a Dusty Springfield soul feel about it and is sung with real passion. Life Is Hard is also a good song with a simple message.

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One Response to Too Many Zeros – Dave’s Review

  1. Fran says:

    I see you also picked up on the influences/copying. I love your take down of Let’s Get High, very scathing! I thought the whole album seemed to be saying the world’s problems can be solved by… Erm… Love? They seemed both convinced they had the answers and very vague about specifics!

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