Can I join the club? – Fran’s Review

So Long, See You Tomorrow by Bombay Bicycle Club is a very enjoyable album. The record as a whole is quite a light affair, with airy vocals and uplifting songs. At its best it has euphoric summery vibes, perfect for the festival season. The eastern influences keep the record interesting, with gentle nods to world music adding a hint of exoticism that enhances the laid back holiday atmosphere.

Moody third track Carry Me is the highlight of the album, and a slight departure from the general style. With an atmospheric bassy introduction giving way to a stripped-back electronic section, this track had an edgier feel that worked brilliantly. I will admit to having played Carry Me on repeat on a few occasions this fortnight!

This was a lovely album to listen to as we welcome in the summer 


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2 Responses to Can I join the club? – Fran’s Review

  1. Dave says:

    I don’t like the intro to Carry Me. They should start it at 1:30.

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