Con la scusa del Rock’n’Roll – Dave’s Review

Per due settimane, abbiamo ascoltato a Mondovisione di rocker italiano, Luciano Ligabue.

It’s a solid album full of decent pop-rock. Compared to our last record, Julia Holter’s Loud City Song, it’s a much easier listen. I imagine it appeals to people of all ages so can understand why it has sold so well.

Whilst never really venturing out of the pop-rock arena, the album is consistent enough to please. Il muro del suono and Con la scusa del Rock’n’Roll are good songs to nod along to, or perhaps play some air guitar with your dad to, while La neve se ne frega and Per sempre are a more for swaying to.

Catchy choruses are the album’s major strength and I often find myself singing along even though my Italian is limited; Tu sei lei (You are her), Il sale della terra (The salt of the earth) and Ciò che rimane di noi (No idea what this one means) are particular culprits for this.



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