Countdown to Melt! Festival – To Ireland?

There is exactly a month to go until we hop on a plane to the coolest city in Europe for Melt! festival. So it should be no surprise that this fortnight’s album is from another band on the line-up. Brighter Days is the third album from electropoppers FM Belfast, released in April this year. And no, I don’t know why an Icelandic band named themselves after the capital of Northern Ireland either! Dave and I will be listening to Brighter Days for the next two weeks, and if you fancy joining us the band have kindly made their album available to stream on their website.

FM Belfast - Brighter Days

FM Belfast – Brighter Days

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One Response to Countdown to Melt! Festival – To Ireland?

  1. Dave says:

    Before we see them live, you should listen to this song. It was all over the radio when I was in Iceland, even though it’s several years old, and is a big crowd favourite. FM Belfast are a very fun live band.

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