Fun M Bouncy – Dave’s Review

Brighter Days is an apt name for the upbeat electro-pop album from Icelandic group FM Belfast. I saw the band play at Sónar Festival in their home city of Reykjavik earlier this year and it is impossible not to feel uplifted by the positive nature of their performance. They are full of smiles, jumping around and generally a huge bundle of fun! The little guy on the left who occasionally played tambourine was a joy to watch with his quick feet and cute dance moves.


Musically the album is nothing particularly adventurous or groundbreaking, consisting of simple, enjoyable synthpop. The happy and bouncy Everything is great to dance around to with its catchy chorus, while Non Believer has a more tense mood about it. We Are Faster Than You returns to the joyful atmosphere with its light vocal style and pleasant mix of keyboard, trumpet and percussion.

Easily the stand-out song on the record is the chilled out, spacey dance tune Gold. Its simple keyboard line and repeated vocals add elements of house and light techno to the song, while the slower parts drift into more tranquil electronica.


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One Response to Fun M Bouncy – Dave’s Review

  1. Fran says:

    I’m looking forward to seeing them live. Their music videos are a bit nuts!

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