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Non Stop Techno Party

We’ve had a few weeks away as we were in Germany at a scorching Melt! Festival. While there were several genres of music on offer, the one I found myself drawn towards was Techno, with headliners such as Modeselektor, Ellen … Continue reading

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Forwards Berlin – Mini Review

The main thing that these Melt mini-reviews have taught me is that a day is not long enough to understand an album! At least, it’s not long enough for me. I don’t know how music critics manage it – surely … Continue reading

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It’s a Melt!down: 1

Dave has nominated the final album for a Melt! countdown mini-review. Howlin by Jagwar Ma was released in June 2013 and showcases the Australian duo’s psychedelic electro-dance style. With one day until we head out to Berlin, we’re pretty excited! Hopefully Jagwar … Continue reading

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I’m Gemini – Mini Review

I’ll be honest: I struggled to listen to Metronomy today, because I just wanted to listen to Hold On on repeat. When I did manage to drag myself away from SBTRKT, I found a sweet but unassuming pop record. Title track Love … Continue reading

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It’s a Melt!down: 2

Next on our three day whizz through the Melt! line-up is Love Letters. This is the fourth album from Devon-based Metronomy, released this March. I haven’t heard much from Metronomy since their 2011 single The Bay, so a quick catch-up is in order before their … Continue reading

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Great Addition – Mini Review

Second song Hold On is the stand-out track on SBTRKT. With its light-touch vocals and prominent percussion it soothes the mood and uplifts the spirit in a succinct three and a half minutes. I’m normally a fan of compact tracks, but I could have done with another minute … Continue reading

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It’s a Melt!down: 3

As we enter Melt! week, we have just enough  time for a cheeky countdown of mini-reviews. For the next three days I’ll be picking an artist from the line-up for a one-day-only Musical Adventure treatment. First up is enigmatic masked post-dubstep project SBTRKT’s … Continue reading

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