I’m Gemini – Mini Review

I’ll be honest: I struggled to listen to Metronomy today, because I just wanted to listen to Hold On on repeat. When I did manage to drag myself away from SBTRKT, I found a sweet but unassuming pop record. Title track Love Letters and its follow-up Month of Sundays have a very 70’s pop sound, which is fine for a while, but it’s a welcome change when the electronic instrumental Boy Racers brings the sound racing into the 80’s! I particularly enjoyed Reservoir‘s video game vibe and the ocean sound effects on The Most Immaculate Haircut (surely the best-named track since this one), but the highlight has to be astrological break-up song I’m Aquarius. Although I may just think that because it’s the track I know best – my boyfriend just informed me that the reason I recognise it is that he used to be in the habit of playing it on loop!


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2 Responses to I’m Gemini – Mini Review

  1. Dave says:

    Your boyfriend’s playing a break-up song on loop? I’d be worried!

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