Bacon Lettuce Techno – Fran’s Review

Orbital’s 1993 techno epic is a sandwich of aural experimentation. The crusty bread surround is the symmetrical vocal loops that begin and end the record, moving slowly together then apart again. Which other Musical Adventure albums open to the melodic wisdom of Star Trek samples, I ask you? (None, obv.) And if the loops are the bread, then the satisfying main fillings are the hypnotic techno tunes like Lush 3-2 and Impact, spiced up with an occasional exciting hint of didgeridoo or tasty crackle of vinyl.

But in the middle of the sandwich, you encounter Remind, the tediously pervasive mustard of the piece. A taste that lingers, long after you wished it gone from your palette. Fortunately, the mustard fades by the time you get to the last few bites of sandwich, and just as you come to the terrible realisation that lunchtime is nearly over, your sandwich reveals the sweetest flavour of all. Halcyon + On + On indeed goes on and on, but in a fantastic, blissfully spaced out, dancing in the sea kind of way.

Orbital 2 (or the Brown Album) is an intriguing slice of the 90s, which leaves you thinking… that’ll keep me full ’til dinner time.



A sandwich

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