Little Twigs is flourishing – Dave’s Review

Like her live performance, LP1 by FKA Twigs is a sexy and enjoyable experience.


FKA Twigs in Birmingham

Fitting with fellow Young Turks band the XX, her music has a minimal style, where silence and patience are as much instruments as the bass and drum pads. The music is almost entirely percussive, yet gentle, with clicks, taps and pauses. The album is well structured, flows well and maintains a consistently high level of quality, right through until final song Kicks.

FKA Twigs’ soft, seductive singing style blends R&B, soul, pop and hip hop, while Preface and later Closer share a choral spirit. It is slow and her words are often direct, as in the dirty, lusting lyrics of Two Weeks, my highlight of the record: “I can fuck you better than her”. “Was I just a number to you?” is the resounding question asked in Numbers, a more dancey ‘number’ which label-mates Jamie XX and SBTRKT would be proud of.

Live on Friday, FKA Twigs was equally compelling, wailing her arms around between verses, showing glimpses of her previous work as backing dancer for Jessie J, Ed Sheeran and Kylie Minogue. Her dancing can also be seen in some of her excellent videos, which of course she often directs too because let’s face it, along with her celebrity boyfriend and Mercury Prize nomination, this woman has it all.


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2 Responses to Little Twigs is flourishing – Dave’s Review

  1. Fran says:

    Are you reviewing an album or your new celebrity crush? 😉

  2. Dave says:

    I don’t have a crush on her (have you seen the album cover!), but her music is damn sexy.

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