Alvin, Simon, Theodore! (and Twigs) – Fran’s Review

LP1 by FKA Twigs took a bit of getting used to, but throughout the two (and a half – sorry Dave!) weeks I’ve been listening to it, it has definitely grown on me. The other thing that gradually grew on me was the realisation that this album is filthy! The delicate vocals are in such contrast to some of the lyrical content that it takes a while to realize what’s going on.

There are some great tracks on LP1, including single Two Weeks. However, it’s more interesting to discuss the weirder moments like Closer, with its strange juxtaposition between echoey ecclesiastical-sounding vocals and the grating tones of Alvin and the Chipmunks. I’m not sure what FKA twigs was thinking when she decided to add the insane squeaking to an otherwise exellent track, but I can only assume that it was the same momentary lapse of judgment that lead to her relationship with teen dream R-Patz! Only joking – I’m sure Rob’s a lovely fella.


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