Just OK – Dave’s Review

You know what you are going to get with OK Go, and their latest offering Hungry Ghosts is no different. Solid pop rock with a hint of funk, some catchy choruses and smooth singing from Damian Kulash.

The album starts brightly with the loud chorus & quiet verse Upside Down & Inside Out, which has a strong Flaming Lips feel about it. This is accompanied by pleasant lead single The Writing’s On The Wall, complete with trademark elaborate video. Turn Up The Radio and Obsession continue the bouncier, more lively and in my opinion stronger half of the record.

As with their previous release, Of The Colour Of The Sky, the album slows greatly towards the end, with songs like The Great Fire and Lullaby, as this weaker, sleepier style seems to contrast with the crazy, fun-filled, confetti flying show I remember seeing them a few years ago.


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One Response to Just OK – Dave’s Review

  1. Fran says:

    I completely agree about the slow second half. I was going to say something similar myself! Still can’t wait to see them live again though 😀

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